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Here you will find information about our community. This website is intended to be a resource and knowledge hub for residents and visitors and anyone else who has an interest in Whitsbury. The Tabs on the left of this page will take you to sub pages of interest.


Latest Update: 28th September 2020


Village News and Notices


Upcoming Events

Date Description Location Time
4th October 2020 Zoom Service - Harvest Thanks Giving Zoom 10:30
26th October 2020 Parish Council Meeting Village Hall 19:00
4th January 2021 Parish Council Meeting Village Hall 19:00

Site Updates and Recent Changes

02/08/2020 - Church Services updated and New edition of The courier added

14/08/20 - Parish Council page updated, mintes and accounts added

07/09/20 Events updated

28/09/20 Events Updated, Broadband outages